Our Experts

When it comes to business as usual—we’re changing the rules.

About us

Professionals Who Solve Tough Challenges

We pride ourselves in a business culture of “doing whatever it takes.”

Not only does this approach enable us to focus on processes—but also the people and technology behind them. Executing strategies from concept to completion, our programs are developed with one end goal in sight—enabling business success for our clients.

Building our business base from client referrals, we are proud of the work we perform. Guided by our core values, we are transparent with our clients about what we can and can’t do. Determined to continuously act on our vision—we are able to translate action into results time and time again.

With a focus on bold thinking and a deep commitment to your success—we bring vision, leadership and accountability to those we serve.

Krishnan Rajam

Founder & CEO | Washington, DC

Krish is a strategic thinker with the ability to anticipate and forecast trends in technology, market conditions and customer expectations. He is best known for his deep experience in helping Fortune 100 companies successfully execute strategic programs.

Harish Rao

Founder & COO/CFO | Washington, DC

Harish has over 20 years of experience in software engineering with extensive expertise in planning, designing and deployment of complex technology infrastructures. He delivers deep knowledge of the Cable, Telecom and Consumer Electronics industries and has played an active role in technology consulting startups.

Joe Jeter

VP Business Development | Philadelphia, PA

Joe has a wealth of knowledge in the Telecom and Technology industries and brings over 20 years of expertise to BusinessOne. He has worked in both domestic and international arenas on initiatives both public and private sectors.

Kathy Chatterton

Controller | New York City area

Kathy's responsibilities include cash flow management, vendor relationships, payroll, tax and audit and business operations.

Anne Zink

VP Strategy and Partner Development | Durango, CO

Anne drives the go-to-market strategy for new services and industry verticals. She also identifies and cultivates strategic partner relationships with those technology solution providers and systems integrators that extend and enhance our service offerings to clients. A senior executive with several startups under her belt, Anne brings experience in taking companies from early-stage to high-growth and viable business operations.

Ram Ramadurai

Director, Talent Acquisition | New York, NY

Ram is responsible for Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development and Mentorship of new recruits as well as experienced staff and executives. His responsibilities include developing career paths, competitive intelligence and industry benchmarking for talent.

Ravi Subramanyam

Director, Big Data Analytics and Insights | Fairfax, VA

Ravi brings over 20 years of experience in Cable and Telco environments and is a subject matter expert in OSS/BSS Architectures, Data Warehouses, Big Data and Agile Transformation. He has also led work streams on large and complex programs and projects in the Public Sector for the Department of Homeland Security, the State of West Virginia, Fairfax County Virginia and others.

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We specialize in improving businesses

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Core values

Part of Our DNA in Every Customer Interaction

Guided by a set of core values, our team is devoted to helping clients succeed. Focused on delivering solutions and services that drive business value, our work is performed with integrity, passion and an unwavering commitment to those we serve.

customer focus

We relentlessly maintain focus on the customer at all times to deliver a consistently high customer experience.


We are transparent with our clients about what we can do, and what we can’t do. To become a trusted advisor, we have to consistently do what we say and say what we can do.


To help our clients succeed, it’s not about where business is at right now – it’s about where it’s going to be. Having a Point of View is key to adding value to our clients' initiatives.


We have the ability to act on our vision and translate it into action and results for our clients.


When you do it with passion, it shows.