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Case Studies

Enabling Positive Business Outcomes

TV Viewership Analytics and Insights

BusinessOne developed and implemented an AWS based Data Lake solution for a large Multi Video Programming Distributor (MVPD) aka Cable Company.

Ingested  subscriber account data, device data, location data, STB and 2nd screen usage data from on-prem Hadoop based Enterprise Data Warehouse and S3 buckets, processed/cleansed and enriched and created over 2 billion rows of enriched video usage data to generate valuable customer content engagement and experience analytics. Our team created a purpose built data platform leveraging AWS readily available tools including AWS S3, EMR, Glue and Athena. Large data sets were converted into scalable columnar databases that allowed the client business stakeholders  to accurately follow customer channel surfing behaviors, content and device preferences, and locations (on-net/off-net)  over the course of 2 years. The solution is being used by several organizations to better understand customer engagement and satisfaction and also to customize product packaging.

Cloud Migration

BusinessOne was engaged to build an AWS Landing Zone for a global network technologies company seeking to migrate several workloads and large data stores to the AWS cloud. Our customer needed to alleviate existing on-prem data center constraints and wanted to leverage a highly elastic on-demand computer platform that could be easily customized to meet rigorous network and security requirements. To ensure customer success, BusinessOne partnered closely with AWS to implement a highly customized Landing Zone and also provided tailored customer training and documentation to successfully guide engineering, operations, networking and cybersecurity towards adoption of their new cloud environment.

The following AWS services were used:
Infrastructure: Regions, AZs, Edge Locations
Networking: VPC, Transit Gateway, Direct Connect
Compute: EC2, AMIs, Backups, Storage and DatabaseDevOps - Infrastructure as Code, Cloudformation, CodeCommit, Code Deploy, Code PipelinesSecurity – KMS, IAM Roles, SAML Based SSO, Encryption Keys rotation using client managed keys
Security: Encryption EBS,
Storage: RDS and S3, or other relevant service storing data Account Security Management, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Data Security  Notifications , S3 Bucket Security Policies Amazon inspector configuration, AWS Security Hub, AWS KMS configuration (encryption, key rotation policies), VM’s encryption process, AWS Config (management), Amazon Guard Duty
‍Automation:AWS Service Catalog

Program Management

BusinessOne was invited by the largest telecom carrier in the U.S. to help manage a ~$10 Billion Transformational Program. It involved providing Voice, Data and Video services over fiber for a Tier 1 service provider. BusinessOne planned, managed and executed several work streams that enabled the client to launch the service in a record 9 months.

Key accomplishments included:
Program Management: 
• Managed the following workstreams: Network Creation (Fiber Access Network and OC-192 Backbone Optical Network), Triple Play Order Entry/Order Management, Provisioning, Billing, Customer Care, Field Ops, Exec Reporting, STB software development, Video Superheadend and VSO deployment and integration, Content Operations etc
Zero to launch in  9 months for Greenfield location
• Launch of Overlay location in under 12 months from start
• Launch of VOD, Linear Broadcast and PPV  services

• Authored troubleshooting guides and playbooks and trained Field Techs and Customer Care staff to diagnose and isolate customer issues for the new technology components
• One Bill for voice, data and video services (OSS/BSS Enhancements)
• Single point of contact for Customer Service
• Stand up Tier 1 and Tier 2 24X7 customer support for Fiber

Business Outcomes:

Increased Market Share
Achieved 20% penetration in overlay market area
>60% penetration for higher-end STBs and services

Customer Churn Reduction

In a competitive marketplace with aggressive pricing, disruptive technologies and changing consumer preferences, Communication Service Providers (CSPS) cannot afford to lose customers.  It's more important than ever to hang on to customers and not just be an internet access provider.  Losing customers means lost revenue streams from data, voice, video, home security and other value added services. Along with that, the high cost of reacquiring the customers and churn reduction is of paramount importance for CSPs.

Using on-prem infrastructure, BusinessOne assisted one of the largest CSPs to source data from the network, OSS/BSS, Call Center, Trouble ticketing, Truck Roll Data and Medallia (NPS) systems and data warehouses, to create a columnar database with over 10K attributes and then use data science models to identify patterns, and predict probabilities of customers who might churn out in the next 90 days.

Using this information, Product Marketing was able to tailor customized offers to the high-risk consumers and avoid churn.

Business Outcomes:
One of lowest churn rates in the industry.

Video Pipeline

BusinessOne was tapped to lead the implementation of a streaming platform by a large MVPD for their syndication customer with an embedded base of over 6 million subscribers. Starting from bare metal chassis, BusinessOne led the effort to engineer, install, configure, and integrate Virtual Machines, Network and Storage appliances. Also included were the Applications which included:

• Video Ingest
• Transcoding for multiple bit rate profiles
• Just in Time Packaging
• Entitlements
• Player Platforms

Onboarded over 500 National channels and over 2000 local channels. The 2nd screen service was launched in 23 markets and was a flash cutover, seamlessly from the legacy 2nd screen product.

OSS/BSS Modernization

A global service provider with network in over 150 countries wanted to Modernize their OSS/BSS suite of systems. The client wanted to collapse multiple OSS/BSS stacks for Order Entry/Order Management, Provisioning, Network Inventory, Network and Trouble Management Systems, Billing and Customer Care systems all borne out of over 50 acquisitions and streamline their OSS/BSS into a single stack that would produce over $500 mil savings in operational expenses.

BusinessOne was invited to lead the effort to (a) Define the Future State Architecture, (b) Define Business Requirements for each functional area, (c) Develop a 2 year Roadmap (d) Identify business value i.e savings for each phase of the program. Under very tight timeframes over Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, BusinessOne SMEs planned and executed  various workshops with Product, Network, Operations and IT SMEs to define the future state architecture and delivered over 1500 business requirements including the roadmap and obtained sign-off from 28 key stakeholders (Director and above).

• Collapsed from 24 billing systems to 4
400% improvement in circuit order follow through without manual touches
• Near real time provisioning for on-net Layer 1, 2 and 3 services
• Achievement of Opex reduction targets

Agile Transformation

One of the largest Private Equity firms invited BusinessOne to assist in their Technology Transformation Program, and to help accelerate the delivery of their technology platforms. BusinessOne conducted an Agile Maturity Assessment that included the following:

• Process Assessment and Metrics Analysis
• Tools Assessment
• Organizational Assessment (including ownership, participation..)
• Recommendations

BusinessOne was also invited to help implement the recommendations which resulted in 40% improvement in successful implementation of Epics in each quarter--essentially being able to deliver more value to the business with the same staffing level.

Video on Demand on Xbox

Our client, a large MVPD, wanted to port their streaming video product on to the Xbox. BusinessOne was involved in the engineering, development, integration and deployment of the application that enabled Xbox users to enjoy over 10,000 titles of On Demand video using their Xbox. BusinessOne worked with Xbox and client technical and business teams to develop an E-T-E Solution Architecture and also managed the following work streams:

• Product Engineering
• Bottom Up Provisioning
• Billing Integration
• UI, Content Discovery and Catalog
• Video Streaming Analytics

Managed Internet Access Services for Defense Media Services

BusinessOne was selected via an RFP process to deploy and manage a secure high speed access network for the US Defense Media Services Network. BusinessOne partnered with a major carrier and then designed and built a network and managed support services ultimately enabling the distribution of video communication to U.S military bases globally. 2020 is year 9 of the contract's second term.

Highly available and resilient network, with five nines uptime.

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