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Helping our clients achieve maximum value of operating in the cloud–Elastic, On-Demand, Scalable,  Secure and Cost Effective–to drive positive business outcomes. We provide full-service support from planning to governance and managed services.


Cloud Services Powered by AWS

BusinessOne has teamed up as a Consulting and Technology partner with AWS, the undisputed leader in cloud computing. BusinessOne's industry domain knowledge and technology capabilities, combined with AWS' feature rich platform and Well Architected framework, can not only accelerate your cloud journey, but also ensure desired business outcomes.

readiness assessment

Prepare for Takeoff

Before jumping on the cloud bandwagon, it would be prudent to assess your maturity to migrate and stay in the cloud. Our Cloud Readiness assessment includes:

  • Structured Cloud Readiness Questionnaire
  • Application Architecture Review
  • Database Review (schemas, size, transactional velocity..)
  • Security Maturity
  • Network Topologies
  • Tools and Skillsets
  • Approximate Cost of Operating in the Cloud (TCO)
  • Gap Analysis and Recommendations

planning & governance

Planning the
Right Approach

For companies that are not already cloud native, it would be advisable to define and articulate the reasons for moving to the cloud, since this will influence the migration plan as well as determine which workloads and data need to be migrated to the cloud. While the cloud offers a lot of advantages, there are also some risks that need be mitigated when drawing up a plan. Our approach includes the following:

  • Business Value of Cloud Migration
  • Pre-Migration Prep Task List
  • High-Level Work Plan for Migration Phases
  • Risks and Mitigation Strategies
  • Key Deliverables and Sprint Plan
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Communications Plan

The Path to Control

The migration plan should also define a governance framework that lays out policies and processes to administer the cloud from various aspects: Technology, Finance, Security, etc

  • Development Framework: White Listing of Services
  • Policy Framework: Data, Process, IT
  • Operations Framework: AAA, Monitoring, Production Support
  • Management Framework: Finance, Risk, Security, Privacy Policy

Cloud infrastructure provisioning

Nuts and Bolts

With a migration plan in hand and governance around policies and processes defined, the next step would be to build out the infrastructure. This involves the following steps:

  • Cloud Solution Architecture
  • Landing Zone Creation
  • IAM and Cloud Policy Administration
  • VPC, IP Space, DNS, API, Inernet Gateway Provisioning, Sub-nets and Route 53
  • Cloud Compute, Storage and DB Provisioning and Initialization (EC2, Lambda, Containerization-Fargate)
  • Data Caching and Cloud Front
  • Security Policy and Guardrails Implementation
  • Monitoring (Cloud Watch)
  • Cloud Data Migration Tool and DevOps Tool Suite

migration and refactoring

The Smart Advantage

With an AWS landing zone and services provisioned, data and application migration can be started. Migration involves the following steps:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Data Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Re-factor the Application
  • Activate Other AWS Services as Needed
  • Bleed Queues and Cutover to Cloud Instance
  • Optimization of the Environment
  • Ongoing Governance


Many companies realize that a Cloud PMO is necessary to plan and execute Cloud Transformation initiatives.  Our Cloud Services include setting up a PMO that provides end-to-end support for the entire Cloud Transformation Journey, from Readiness Assessment to Cutover.

Managed services

With You End-to-End

For companies that do not have the  skillsets or the staffing to operate in the cloud, our Managed Services provides turn-key services that take on the responsibilities of standing up your cloud instance and running your cloud eco-systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Managed Services include:

  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
  • Data Lake as a Service
  • Analytics and Insights as a Service
  • Machine Learning as a Service

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