Public Sector

Helping government agencies at every level fulfill their mission to their citizens in a timely, cost effective manner while providing high quality service.


Setting the Pace for Public Entities

Faced with years of budget cuts and declining revenues, government agencies across the board are feeling pressured to do more with less. At BusinessOne we work to eliminate the silos while finding new and improved ways for departments to work together. Helping business units better collaborate by leveraging combined buying power, common infrastructure and innovative technologies, our team of public sector consultants develop efficient and effective strategies that enable agencies achieve their mission. Drawing on decades of experience across both private and public sectors, our goal is to help government agencies reach their full potential while positively impacting the citizens and communities they serve.

Agile Transformation

Agencies at every level are looking to deliver more with less and contain costs. The needs of the citizens are as varied as the size of the projects to satisfy those needs. With constantly changing technology, regulations, and needs of the citizens, agencies are expected to deliver services cheaper, better, and faster. Our Agile Transformation framework is built based on a decade of experience executing programs and projects using Agile Methodology. Agile Transformation includes over 50 training modules that can be customized to fit each organization:

  • Agile Maturity Assessment
  • Agile Transformation Roadmap
  • Agile Training and Coaching including Executive Training
  • Agile Release TrainLaunch
  • Agile Portfolio Management - Enterprise Adoption

Cloud Infrastructure & Migration

The pandemic has exposed serious flaws in how fast Government agencies respond to public safety issues and policy implementation. Aging monolith legacy software written in  Cobol, Fortran, PL/1 and Algol needs to be replaced with modern modular architecture that is easier to maintain, can scale horizontally, and also costs less. Moving applications to the cloud and standing up new applications in the cloud can enable agencies to respond and scale faster, enable co-operation and communication amongst the agencies, and also reduce cost. BusinessOne offers a full suite of services for the Public Sector:  

  • Plan, Build, Develop and Operate in the Cloud

Big Data, Analytics and ML

Government agencies collect and store massive amounts of data. This data is stuck in organizational silos and being able to access the data across organizations, and correlate them on an almost real time basis would enable agencies to react faster and provide better outcomes for the citizens.

  • Data Lake as a Service
  • Insights as a Service
  • ML as a Service

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