Strategy Execution

PMO is about value creation, not just checking boxes and status reporting.


Ensuring Outcomes:
Strategy Execution

PMO is the vehicle for ensuring that the vision, plan, goals and objectives of the strategic initiatives are disseminated, understood and are being acted upon. The PMO serves as a platform for communication, coordination and control across cross functional teams and organizations and in doing so is key part of strategy execution. Establishment of a Program Management Office is vital in ensuring that the changes ushered in by the strategy takes hold across people, process and technologies dimensions of the organizations. A common element in almost all successful strategic programs is a strong Program Management Office that has been actively involved during the strategy planning and execution phases.

Proven Methodology

POEM is our client-tested Program Management methodology.

POEM – which stands for Plan, Organize, Execute, Measure – standardizes terminology, templates, processes, measurements, communications and tasks so that all the teams share a common understanding of the approach, tasks, deliverables and timelines and expected outcomes.

This ensures all of the workstreams are aligned and working towards shared goals.

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Business Analysis and Planning

Implementation of strategy requires thinking through the next steps and the series of initiatives, actions and outcomes that are necessary for realizing business value. Our Business Analysis and Planning Practice is focused on developing a blueprint for successful strategy execution. It includes the following services:

  • Business Case
  • Business Canvas and SWOT Analysis
  • Program Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • KPIs and Business Performance Metrics
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Program Management Office

Program management involves:

  • Program Kickoff
  • Review of Business Objectives and Executive Alignment
  • Program Plan Review – Organizations, Work Streams, Activities, Tasks, Deliverables, Timelines, Dependencies and Agile Sprint Plan
  • Program Risks and Challenges
  • Program/Agile Cadence
  • Communication Plan
  • Status Reporting
  • Issue Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Launch Management
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Executive Dashboard

Are you doing the right things and are you doing things right?

What people do everyday must have direct and clear linkages to strategic objectives. Corporate management has a responsibility to communicate what their managers are accountable for in clear terms.

By developing clear measures and goals linked to strategy, we help create accountability which drives performance across the organization and the result: an entire organization working towards a common purpose, with solid understanding of their role in achieving business success.

We define the Dashboard top down and build the Dashboard bottom-up. We start by building a strategy map that breaks down the strategies in initiatives, goals and objectives, measures and targets. The task of defining the dashboard is a collaborative and interactive process. We further identify cross functional relationships between the elements of the dashboard to ensure that the data is internally consistent. Doing so links measures across the value chain so that there are checks and balances to ensure reliability. Finally, we work with our team to present the information in a manner that is compelling, intuitive and powerful.

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