Selecting the right technology architecture, platforms, applications and tools requires careful assessment of how the business will be operated in the future. The role of technology is to make the complex, simple.


Technology if Done Right Can
Amplify and Accelerate Outcomes

We live in a digital world where technology pervades every aspect of our lives.  Understanding and having mastery over technology is critical for organizations looking to ignite innovation, improve products, create efficiencies, deepen intimacy with customer,  transform  operations and custom experience.  Strategy without adequate support from Technology, typically leads to sub-optimum business outcomes.  Which is why we lean in heavy on Technology to help plan and build platforms, products and systems that would achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Many companies are saddled with inflexible siloed legacy architecture that impede business agility. We can help you choose the right technologies, architecture, applications and tools that fits your strategy, your organization and core competencies, and help you do the heavy lifting to implement it.

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Cloud Services

Helping our clients achieve maximum value of operating in the cloud–Elastic, On-Demand, Scalable,  Secure and Cost Effective–to drive positive business outcomes. We provide full-service support that includes planning, governance, infrastructure provisioning and migrations, which includes:

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Planning and Governance
  • Infra Provisioning
  • Migration and Refactoring
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Big Data, Analytics, ML and AI

The purpose of our Big Data, Analytics and ML services is to plan, build, and implement Business Intelligence and Machine Learning infrastructure  on premises or in the AWS Cloud so you can have the answers to the above questions in real time and when you need it.  Architecting and deploying scripts and services to activate  data pipelines, implementing data engineering stack necessary to land reliable data in the Data Lake for Analytics, Insights and ML, all enable clients to make decisions that improve business outcomes.

  • Big data Pipeline and Infrastructure
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
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Systems Integration

BusinessOne has the expertise in delivering large-scale, complex programs that marry processes with solution development and technology, to enable clients to transform the way they do business. We take the responsibility for designing and developing the solution, structuring the work streams, and coordinate across cross functional organizations, manage risks associated with delivery and ensure that we deliver the business results.

While we work to ensure that a new technology will function with your existing systems, we believe integration is about ensuring that your people, your business processes, and your technology all work together. System integration is about pulling down silos/barriers, facilitating collaboration across an enterprise or between enterprises, and deploying solutions that facilitates speed to market, innovation, efficiency and reduction in operational cost for our clients.

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Managed Services:
With You End-to-End

Companies often find it challenging to mange hybrid cloud infrastructures. Migrating workloads, managing and monitoring cloud infrastructures requires fluency in various tools provided by cloud vendors. As a result there is scarcity of people with the right skillsets to migrate, manage and operate in the cloud, or in a Hybrid environment.  Our Managed Services provides turn-key services that take on the responsibilities of standing up your cloud instance and running your cloud eco-systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Same applies to creation and maintenance of Data Lakes, Analytics and Machine Learning Models.

Our Managed Services include;

  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service: Helps you on-board application to the cloud, maintenance, Operations and Observability
  • Data Lake as a Service: Data Ingest, ETL, Job Scheduling, Systems Maintenance and Issue Resolution
  • Analytics and Insights as a Service: Build Analytics Dashboards
  • Machine Learning as a Service: Develop Deploy and Operate ML Factory

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