Agile Transformation

Providing focused training on Agile/DevOps and SAFe methodologies, processes, and tools to accelerate software and product delivery while also improving quality and customer satisfaction.


Accelerating Product Delivery

Skill sets are not immutable over time. They have to be constantly retooled and refreshed to keep up with the latest technologies and methodologies. Agile, DevOps and Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) have radically changed the way software delivery happens. Companies have gone from deploying a few releases a month to several thousand releases a day. It's not only the development team that needs to be well versed in Agile, DevOps and CI/CD, it also requires an enlightened leadership team that recognizes the value and provides sponsorship and commitment to changing the way software projects are executed.

Agile Maturity Assessment

In most companies, waterfall and Agile methodologies coexist which dilutes the effectiveness of Agile. Our Agile Maturity Assessment examines the rate of Agile adoption in the organization, the processes and practices involved, key metrics and KPIs, the level of executive sponsorship, and the culture to embrace change and adopt Agile/DevOps and CI/CD fully.  The assessment will include the following:

  • Review of Key Business Objectives
  • Current Processes, KPIs, and Key Challenges
  • Current Agile Adoption Review
  • Organizational Readiness for Agile

Training, Boot Camps & Coaching

BusinessOne offers classroom training (virtual or in-person) to introduce Agile concepts, transformation process, practices and tools. Training includes coaching on pilot project using Agile, retrospectives, and then scaling to enterprise Agile portfolio management. Also includes coaching on writing effective epics and user stories and calculating story points and associated tools to administer Agile.

  • Executive Training and Coaching
  • Bootcamps on Agile/DevOps and CI/CD
  • Agile Portfolio Management - SAFe Training
  • Setting up Agile Sprint and Sprint Templates in Tools (JIRA, Rally, Trello and others)
  • Setting up Burndown and Sprint/Kanban Dashboards  

Agile Adoption: Pilot and Enterprise Rollout

In addition to training and coaching your technical and business teams, we also help you practice what you have learned. By executing projects using Agile and then scaling it to Enterprise Level for complex programs and projects, we can ensure adoption across the enterprise. We provide process and hands on support to guide the teams through the Agile Transformation journey.

  • Pilot: Take a Project from Ideation to Retrospectives
  • Enteprise Agility: Scale Agile for Enterprise

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