Digital Transformation

"Automation applied to an efficient process, magnifies the efficiencies.
Automation applied to an inefficient process, magnifies the inefficiencies".

– Bill Gates


Digital Transformation for Stand Out Business Performance

We think of Digital Transformation as consisting of: Process Transformation, Technology Transformation, and Culture Transformation. It's not only about doing things better, cheaper, and faster, but also looking at a different way of doing business. It is about removing friction in the customer engagement process by increasing digital interactions, deploying technology architectures that remove manual or duplicate tasks, reduces errors, and using data to identify blind spots, trends and anomalies.  More importantly, it is also about training the work force to adopt a mindset to constantly adapt and  jettison products, processes, applications and skillsets that are not in alignment with the business strategy.

Ensuring Outcomes: Program Management Office (PMO)

  • Program Planning:
    SMART execution plan that factors the people, process and technology components of the transformation, by relentless focus on the business objectives
  • Organizing:
    Alignment across the enterprise and mobilizing and evangelizing the program objectives and business outcomes and setting up the infrastructure for KPIs outcomes
  • Execution:
    Cross func
    tion and enterprise level coordination of the programs milestones, issue resolution, risk management and stake holder communications to ensure successful completion of the milestones of the program
  • Measurement:
    Data oriented approach to track and report  progress on business outcomes via Executive and Operational Dashboards

Reduce friction in the customer journey

  • Customer Journey Mapping across the customer lifecycle helps you understand and map customer experiences from how they learn about your products and services to discontinuing the relationship
  • Journey Mapping provides critical and important information regarding the customer experience and the friction in the process that erodes brand loyalty and NPS
  • Targeted ROI based approach to improve specific journey maps and micro journeys
  • Address People, Process, and Technology aspects of the Customer Journey

Transformation Scorecard

Is the transformation providing the right business outcomes and are the KPIs trending in the right direction? If not, why?

These are the questions that will be answered by the Transformation Scorecard. This enables managers to make decisions based on facts which  improve the quality of the decisions and, over the long term, provide better outcomes. Aggregating and analyzing data in a timely, complete, and accurate manner requires a well thought out approach and systems infrastructure.

  • Data Pipeline Engineering and Data Lakes
  • Operations Data Visualizations and Dashboards
  • Executive Dashboards

Program Management That Delivers Results

BusinessOne connects the dots for complex challenges with a pressure-tested approach.



Program Management starts with smart Strategic Planning. We establish a Business Case and a detailed Program Plan that drives Enterprise Mobilization.



Establishing both an Enterprise PMO and Technology PMO ensures key objectives are managed and Organizational Alignment is achieved.



Using Agile and DevOps methodologies we ensure that the Program Plan gets executed and delivers measurable outcomes .



Keeping focus on KPIs – Key Performance Indicators results from comprehensive Business and Program Dashboards created for each engagement.

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