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BusinessOne's services are relevant for a broad range of companies. We have created solutions in Financial Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, e-Commerce, and more.


Leveraging Capabilities to Serve Across Sectors

"What can a technology biased firm like BusinessOne do for a food company?"

The answer: A lot more than you might think.

A few years back, a C-level executive at a leading Consumer Packaged Goods company opened our first meeting with the above question. He wanted to test our ability to see beyond the obvious. He wanted to know if "tech guys" were agile enough to grasp the dynamics of a unique vertical. He wanted to know if BusinessOne could create real value.

When executives embrace a broader perspective they break down silos, replace old ways of thinking, and position their companies to win.

So how did BusinessOne answer that senior executive's question? Well, he became a client.

Financial Services

Financial Services is a massive industry with several industry segments. From banks to insurance, to brokerage firms, asset management and private equity, the needs of the industry are as diverse as the industry itself. However, all of the industry segments have a need for technology infrastructures, cloud, big data and program management and are ripe for digital transformation. All of which BusinessOne excels at. So it is no surprise that some of the largest PE firms are our clients. Some of the work we have done in the Private Equity (PE) space include the following:

  • Technology Assessment for PE firms to optimize cost and bolster exit strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Program Management
  • Agile Transformation

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

When a new product category started getting a ton of press, global CPG firms raced to enter this seemingly "hot" market. One of our CPG clients was also interested to expand. But first they turned to BusinessOne.

Our Business Intelligence services helped collect primary market information and correlate it with secondary sources. The analytics made clear the reasons why our client should not enter the space.

We used data to illustrate the very crowded market, wafer thin margins, product proliferation (over 6500 SKUs!), and challenges with creating meaningful differentiation. Keen advice from BusinessOne saved this client billions of dollars in potential sales, trade and marketing costs, involved in market entry, not to mention a bruising fight with entrenched incumbents.

Our thesis was later validated by independent research reported in the Wall St. Journal. Indeed, others who blindly entered the "hot market" were struggling to survive.


Making it easy for consumers to discover, search, shop, compare, buy, deliver, return and re-order is table stakes in the e-commerce industry. This is exactly where BusinessOne's services can add a lot of value. Some of the relevant services that we can provide to e-commerce clients include:

  • Buy Flow Optimization
  • User Experience & Engagement
  • Big Data Analytics, Insights and ML

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